13 July 2012

East Timor Legal News 11 July 2012

One killed, two houses set on fire Timor Post, July 11, 2012 language source: Tetun - Viqueque District Police Commander Superintendent Justinho Menezes affirmed that some illegal group of people had burned down a house belonging to the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Coordinator for Viqueque District and also a warehouse of Borala Fuels station set ablaze, the incident leaving one person killed.

Viqueque District Police Commander affirmed the incident during a telephone interview and said the police had not yet indentified master mind of the arson and the authors.

"This week there were some incidents where a house of PSD follower went on fire in Beaço and warehouse of Borala Fuel Station. one person also killed in the incident,"he said.

He affirmed that they were investigating the case in order to discover the perpetrator or mastermind of the incident.

Fretilin approaches other parties informally Radio Timor-Leste, July 11, 2012 language source: Tetun - Secretary-General of Fretilin, Mari Alkatiri has said that the party had already contacted some other parties informally because they wanted to take part in the fifth constitutional government.

He said that they wanted to be involved in the fifth constitutional government and therefore Fretilin's door is open for other parties to form a coalition to establish the new government.

Alkatiri made the comments during a telephone interview with Radio e Televizaun de Timor-Leste, regarding the provisional result of the legislative election showing there were four parties which won seats in the National Parliament; namely, CNRT with 36%, Fretilin with 29%, PD with 10% and Frenti Mudanca with 3%.

Appellate Court authorises STAE to hand original certificate to CNE Radio e Televizaun de Timor-Leste, July 11, 2012 Language Source: Tetun - The National Election Commission has called on the Court of Appeal to interven in relation to the photocopy of the district tabulation certificate sent by the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE) to CNE.

President of CNE, Faustino Cardoso, said STAE was inconsistent in the process of sending the certificate.

"We are calling on the Court of Appeal to intervene inh regards to the photocopy of the certificate handed over by STAE to CNE, because some certificates are original and some are not," Cardoso said.

In response, Director for STAE Tomas Cabral said he was ready to respond to the Court of Appeal and that STAE staff had worked based on the existing electoral law in the country.
STAE was not prepared to hold legislative election Radio e Televizaun de Timor-Leste, July 11, 2012 Language Source: Tetun -The Human Rights Association (HAK) said the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE) technically was not well prepared to conduct the legislative election.

Director of HAK, Rogerio Neves, said that according to their observation in the legislative election many voters did not vote.
Manuel Tilman
CNRT has right to form new government: MP  Radio Timor-Leste, July 11, 2012 language source: Tetun -MP Manuel Tilman from KOTA Party said Xanana Gusmao's CNRT had the right to form the new government as it took the lead in the last Saturday's parliamentary election.

Mr. Tilman said according to the constitution, the party which won the majority of the vote would form the new Government.

"The president of the republic invites the party which wins the majority to form government."

"And then another Article states if the appointed government's political program passes in the parliament, it can step forward to the budget presentation," he said

He added that legally the Democratic Party (PD) and Fretilin could form a coalition to form the new government, but socially it would not be accepted as CNRT won the most seats.
PD the key party to form new government: MP Rui Menezes Radio Timor-Leste, July 11, 2012 language source: Tetun - The Democratic Party MP Rui Menezes said his party was the determinant factor for CNRT and Fretilin to form new government.

Menezes was referring to the PD's success in winning eight seats in the Parliament.

"We may form a coalition with CNRT and Fretilin as CNRT won 30 seats and Fretilin won 25 seats," he said.

He added that they were currently waiting for the president of the republic's decision about the establishment of the government.
Australian and Timor-Leste sign agreement for market development Independente, July 11, 2012 language source: Tetun -Minister for Economy and Development Joao Gonsalves and Australian Ambassador to Timor-Leste Miles Armitage on Monday (9/7) signed a subsidiary agreement on the implementation of market development.

Ambassador Armitage said the FDM program was aimed at helping the poor to take part in the market chain to improve their incomes.

"FDM program is presenting a new phase from the Australian Aid to the local industry," he said.

He added that the Australian Government would provide Aus $ 8.7 million to support the program over three years.

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