26 July 2012

FRETILIN Seeks Role in New Government in Timor-Leste

Fretilin's Mari Alkatiri and Lu Olo
East Timor Legal News 26 July 2012 Source: Jornal Independente By Agapito dos Santos DILI: FRETILIN is talking to CNRT about a role in the new regime and is keen to put forward its ideas on how to improve the government.

FRETILIN had qualified people who could contribute to the government and opposition in the national parliament, according to its secretary general Mr Mari Alkatiri.

“We have two teams, one from CNRT and another one from FRETILIN, that are having discussions,’’ Mr Alkatiri said. “We want to contribute our ideas about making the new government better than the previous one.”

Mr Alkatiri spoke to journalist after he and FRETILIN president, Mr Francisco Guterres Lu–Olo, met the President, Taur Matan Ruak, yesterday. The two Fretilin leaders told the President that although their party had lost the recent parliamentary election, it was willing to contribute in the national interest.

His party would ask the three-party coalition government to learn from the failures of the previous government.
His party had a candidate who could assume the role of the new parliamentary speaker.

However, CNRT secretary general, Mr Dionisio Babo, has said that Mr Duarte Nunes was its candidate for the position. Mr Nunes is currently head of the parliament commission B, responsible for the internal security and foreign affairs.

The head of the new parliament must come from CNRT because it had won the current election, according to one of its MPs, Aderito Hugo da Costa.

“We believe that PD (the Democratic Party) and Frenti-Mudanca understand this situation because we have 30 seats in the national parliament,” Mr da Costa told Independente.

His party’s National Political Council would decide the future parliament president. The new parliament will have their first parliamentary session next Monday, July 30, when the 65 MPs will appoint their speaker.

In the elections earlier this month, CNRT won 30 seats, FRETILIN 25 seats, PD 8 and Frenti-Mudanca 2.

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