13 July 2012

Food vendors yet to move from Pantai Kelapa

East Timor Legal News Source: The Dili Weekly  11 July 2012 11:44 Written by Ezequiel Freitas - Although the Government through the Dili District Administration, working together with the Fatuhada Chefe de Suco and Chefe de Aldeia, have informed vendors and built stalls so they could move across to Bebonuk Markets, the reality is these new premises remain unoccupied as vendors choose to remain in Pantai Kelapa.

“They went to sell their food over there however the local people don’t want this, so for a month now, they are selling back at Pantai Kelapa,” said Jenio de Jesus, one of the stall holders (03/07), at Pantai Kelapa, Dili.
Besides the local population is not welcoming the vendors at the Bebonuk facilities, access is somewhat limited, forcing vendors to lower prices to lure clients, but to no avail, hence the move back to Pantai Kelapa.

Meanwhile Fatuhada Chefe de Suco Marcelino Soares said the conditions of the new markets were unfavourable for business.

“As I said two days ago, minimal conditions must be created; it’s true they have new buildings and everything is spanking new, but where are the people going to place their barbecues to cook the fish and satays and where are they going to set up the katupa stalls?,” questioned the Chefe de Suco.

For this reason he asked Government whenever they decide to move people elsewhere, they must first create the necessary conditions so the vendors efforts and produce don’t go to waste.

“They should first perform a feasibility study, in order to establish how many vendors need to be accommodated and whether the land is private or state owned,” said the Chefe de Suco.

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sean said...

Is this referring to the beach barbeques?? What is the situation? Are stall-holders being asked to move, or pay permits to govt? Nusa? Thanks