18 July 2012

Hundreds mourn victim of E Timor post-poll violence

17 July 2012, 22:07 AEST AFP - A Fretilin party supporter holds a picture of a victim during a funeral in Dili on July 17, 2012. (Credit: AFP)

Thousands more people lined the streets to watch, with riot police out in force to ensure there was no repeat of the weekend unrest.

The violence was sparked by the announcement by the party of Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao that the opposition Freitlin party will not be invited to form a coalition government.

Fretilin secretary-general Mari Alkatiri said it was regrettable that the live broadcast of the announcement included "insults and denigration of Fretilin".

The United Nations peacekeeping mission in the country has said it does not consider the unrest to be a serious setback.

The Court of Appeal on Tuesday confirmed the results of the July 7 polls, in which Gusmao's CNRT won 30 seats. Fretilin walked away with 25 while PD got eight and Frenti-Mudanca received two.

CNRT's win was three short of the majority needed in the 65-seat parliament to govern alone.

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