17 July 2012

CNRT Government Decision aims to strengthen democracy - Dionisio Babo

East Timor Legal News 17 July 2012Source: LUSA July 16, 2012, 15:05 Macau, China, July 16 (Lusa) - The decision of CNRT to form a governing coalition with the Democratic Party and Frente Mudanca aims to strengthen democracy in East Timor, the secretary general of Xanana Gusmao's CNRT told Lusa today.

"The decision yesterday was a decision in which all speakers of the party cadres decided that a coalition can only happen between the CNRT, the Democratic Party and Frente Mudança, not because they don't  like Fretilin, but because they think a government with a strong opposition in Parliament may contribute to the democratic development of the country, "said Dionisio Babo when contacted by telephone from Macau.

The same manager noted that a government of national unity would lead to a situation of "lack of opposition in parliament, not in control of parliament and also prevent the alternation of power."

Stressing that East Timor is a country in "reconstruction", Dionisio Babo advocated a thorough analysis of all paths and possibilities for "no decisions are taken where there will be abuses of power, things that may not match what is democracy."

Despite the fact that Fretilin will remain in opposition in parliament, Dionisio Babo says Fretilin counts "as a big historical party with people who deserve much respect in (our) society."

"We very much respect Fretilin, we think that as an opposition, it will contribute more to the process of democratisation of the country," he said.

In rleation to the incidents on Sunday and this morning, Dionisio Babo declined to attribute the acts of violence to Fretilin, preferring to highlight the work of the National Police that has controlled the situation.

"The situation is under control, life takes place normally," he concluded.

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