12 March 2010

Another report of PNTL torturing local people

Televizaun Timor-Leste   March 10, 2010   language source: Tetun -  Anito da Costa Nunes, a CPD-RDTL member from Fatumean in Kovalima District told the National Parliament Monday that local CPD-RDTL members, including him, were arbitrarily arrested and tortured by PNTL to extract information about Ninjas.

“On February 26th, I was arrested with two other people at the office of the CPD-RDTL by Kovalima PNTL operational unit and then we were tied up and were repeatedly beaten,” Nunes said.

He said that the PNTL also arrested three other CPD-RDTL members from different areas and then they were taken and then detained at the local BPU (Border Patrol Unit) post in Suai.

He added that on the next day they were taken to Zumalai where they were forced to declare denouncing the national flag and other emblems in front of PNTL Commander Longinhos Monteiro.

He also said that the PNTL forced them to confess that they were ninjas.

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