22 March 2010

Lawyer for Susar and Cateno file appeal to the court

Diario Nacional, March 16, 2010 language source: Tetun - Jose Pedro Camoes, lawyer for Amaro Susar da Costa, Marcelo Caetano and 11 other rebels who were convicted of engage in the attempted assassination of President Jose Ramos Horta has filed an appeal to the court of appeal to annul the decision of the Dili District Court.

Mr. Camoes said that the appeal is made because the decision of the court was very general and that if failed to consider statements from witnesses about intellectual actors behind the attack.

He also mentioned that he will present new corroborating evidence to clear the defendants from all accusations made against them.

“We have enough evidences now and we will make appeal to the court before 19th of this month,” Mr. Cam0es, said.

He also said that the decision made by the court against the former rebel group members was unfair.

He also urged that there should be ballistic test made to the bullets found on the bodies of Reinado and Leopoldinho.

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