12 March 2010

JSMP Launches New Program East Timor National Parliament Watch Project

JSMP: JSMP Launches New Program "Parliament Watch Project" (PWP)  JSMP Launches New Program “Parliament Watch Project” (PWP) March 2010 - For almost ten years the Judicial System Monitoring Programme (JSMP) has been committed to it’s role monitoring the judicial system, advocating for human rights and improving the Timorese public’s understanding of international human rights standards, particularly in relation to the right to a fair trial.

This year, with support from USAID through The Asia Foundation (TAF), JSMP is launching its new initiative, the “Parliament Watch Project (PWP)”. The project will involve JSMP monitoring the Parliament and disseminating information with the aim of increasing the quality, transparency and accessibility of the legislative process.  A key component will be undertaking activities designed to increase the ability of the public and civil society to understand and participate the legislative process. JSMP hopes that this project will also assist Members of Parliament to improve communication with their constituents and to gain a deeper appreciation of the importance of accountability, transparency and consultation in the legislative system.

JSMP recognizes that the National Parliament is a new institution and that other international and national organizations have been working in the area of parliament monitoring.  JSMP looks forward to working with the National Parliament and other civil society institutions to deepen observation and analysis of the Parliament’s work, and increase opportunities for the public to access information and participate in the legislative system.

The PWP will involve monitoring a range of parliamentary activities including: Plenary Sessions of the National Parliament, meetings of Parliamentary Committees, Public Hearings and the activities of Members of Parliament. It will also involve writing about specific draft laws that will have an especially significant impact on communities and their needs. JSMP also wants to assist the public to be involved in the consultation processes surrounding draft laws, to enable members of the public to put forward their aspirations and hopefully to see theses opinions incorporated in the laws that will directly affect their lives.

By organising workshops in the districts, JSMP will assist the public and civil society to increase their knowledge about the legislative process and the ways that they can participate. JSMP will also strategically choose a number of specific draft laws that have a significant impact for the public to be the subject of a series of ‘Focus Group Discussions’ (FGD).  These FGDs will be held prior to a draft law being approved so that participants can understand the law and contribute to the consultation process. After each FGD, JSMP will assist representatives from the FGD come to Dili to observe the work of Parliament and provide their kontributions directly to the legisltive process.

With the launch of this new project, JSMP looks forward to contributing to the promotion of democratic values in Timor-Leste. JSMP hopes that in the future all citizens will have access to information about their political and legislative processes and will have maximal opportunities to participate in the development of their nation. JSMP also hopes that this project will assist Members of Parliament to communicate effectively with their constituents and to appreciate the value of the people’s voices as the voices of democracy, which everyone praises with the well known words: government of the people, by the people, for the people.

For further information please contact:

Luis de Oliveira Sampaio

Executive Director JSMP

Direct Email: luis@jsmp.minihub.org

Landline: 3323883

JSMP Lansa Programa Foun ba “Projeitu  Observasaun ba Parlamentu (POP)

Marsu 2010

Programa Monitorizasaun ba Sistema Judisiariu (JSMP) besik tinan sanulu (10) ona hala’o nia knar iha area monitorizasaun ba sistema judicial, advokasia ba direitus umanus no promove nível kumprimentu Povu Timor-Leste ba padroins direitur umanus internasional, partikularmente sira ne’ebe iha relasaun ho julgamentu ne’ebe justu, kredivel, lalais, bratu no asesivel.

Iha tinan ne’e ho apoiu finanseriu hosi USAID liu husi The Asia Foundation (TAF), JSMP  lansa tan programa foun ho naran “Projeitu Observasaun ba Parlamentu (POP)”. Projeitu ne’e ho objetivu atu halo observasaun ba Parlamentu no fahe infomasaun ba publiku hodi hasa’e qualidade, transparensia no asesibilidade prosesu legislativu inklui fasilita ba publiku no sosiedade civil atu komprende no partisipa iha prosesu politika lejislativa iha Parlamentu Nasional. Aleinde ne’e, JSMP hanoin katak projetu ne’e sei ajuda deputadu sira atu hala’o komunikasaun diak liu ho sira nia konstiuente no hasa’e sira nia koñesementu kona ba importansia ba akuntabilidade, transparensia no konsultasaun iha sistema legislativu.

Mesmu JSMP rekoñese katak durante ne’e iha organizasaun nasional no internasional balun  hala’o ona observasaun ba servisu Parlamentu Nasional nian, maibe JSMP hanoin katak prosesu ne’e seidauk rezulta koñesementu no involvementu diak kona ba prosesu legislativu liu-liu iha nivel baze.  JSMP mos hare katak seidauk iha partisipasaun ne’ebé maximu no signifikadu hosi publiku iha prosesu legislativu nian.  Tanba ne’e, ho lansamentu POP, JSMP sei haklean liu tan observasaun ba parlamentu nia servisu, nune’e publiku iha oportunidade barak liu hodi asesu no  partisipa iha sistema no dinamika prosesu lejislativa iha Parlamentu Nasional.

Projeitu ne’e sei inklui observa plenariu Parlamentu, inkontru komisaun nian, audensia publiku, halo dokumentasaun esbosu lei espesifiku, ne’ebe tuir JSMP nia hare sei fo impaktu bo’ot ba povu nia vida liu-liu komunidade sira iha baze atu hatan sira nia nesesidades no observa mos atividade Parlamentar sira seluk. Partikularmente, JSMP hakakak involve publik iha prosesu konsultasaun esbosu lei no lori publik nia aspirasaun atu inkorpora iha esbosu lei sira ne’ebe sei lori impaktu direita ba povu nia moris.

POP sei fasilita publiku no sosiedade civil hodi komprende no partisipa iha prosesu dinamika politika lejislativa iha Parlamentu Nasional, liu hosi organiza workshop iha distritu, hasae sira nia koñesementu  kona-ba prosesu legislativu ihaParlamentu Nasional no oinsa sira bele involve iha prosesu ne’e.  JSMP sei eskolla esbosu lei balun ne’ebe  konsidera importante no estratejiku  hodi husu komunidade nia hanoin kona ba lei ne’e antes aprova no promulga. Prosesu ne’e sei halao liu hosi  “Focus Group Discussion (FGD)”. Depois de halo tiha konsultasaun iha baze kona ba esbosu lei espesefiku hirak ne’e, JSMP sei organiza no mobiliza reprezentante husi FGD atu mai observa servisu Parlamentu Nasional nian, no bele fo sira nia kontribuisaun diretamente ba prosesu lejislativu.   

JSMP hein katak, ho lansamentu projeitu foun ne’e bele fo kontribuisaun  atu promove valores demokrasia iha Timor Leste, atu nune’e sidadaun hotu iha asesu ba infomasaun kona ba prosesu politika no legislativu no bele partisipa maximu iha prosesu lejislativu nu’udar forma ida atu kontribui ba  prosesu dezemvolvimentu nasaun..  Aleinde ne’e, JSMP mos hein katak projeitu ne’e bele fasilita deputadu sira hodi resolve  sira nia difikuldade atu halo komunikasauan ho sira nia konstiuente no fo valor ba povu nia lian nu’udar lian demokrasia ne’ebe ema hotu hahi ne’ebe famoza ho lian: hosi povu; masi hosi  povu no fila fali ba povu (dari rakyat, oleh rakyat dan untuk rakyat). 

Atu hetan informasaun kle’an favor kontaktu:

Luis de Oliveira Sampaio

Direitor Ezekutivu JSMP

Diresaun e-mail: luis@jsmp.minihub.org

Landline: 3323883

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