24 March 2010

Belo: “Reservist force exists to defend State”

Diario Nacional, March 23, 2010 language source: Tetun - Director for the Mahein Foundation, Nelson Belo, has said that all cxountries worldwide have established a reservist force in order to support the National Army when the state is under siege.

“Reservist force exists in every country and they are ready to support or help the National Army when the National Army is unable to control security for the country,” Belo said.

Belo said that the Timorese Constitution has not guarantee the establishment of a reservist force in the country, but he said that the former Government authorised the distribution of weapons to civilians such as Frederico Florindo and Alberto da Costa Belo and others to ensure security in the country during the 2006 crisis.

Belo also said that the Timorese Constitution along with the organic law of the F-FDTL and PNTL does not allow the Timorese National Army and Police to distribute weapons to civilians.

Meanwhile, lawyer for Kiak and Alberto Belo have considered their clients as reservist force as they say their reason was based on the UNTAET regulation No 2/2001 Article 16 reservist force establishment.

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