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23 March 2010

New East Timor "Our Land" Project Website

The Ita Nia Rai (Our Land) Project English Tetum (Tetum language: Ita: collective inclusive pronoun; nia: possessive case; rai: land)

This 5-year, US$10 million Project will support the Government of Timor-Leste and build on past USAID Land Law Programs. Its objectives include: Strengthening land policy, law and regulations; Assisting with survey, registration and titling of land; Implementing land administration and information systems; Developing dispute resolution mechanisms; and Increasing public awareness of land issues.

The Project comprises 5 tasks in the pursuit of the project objectives noted above:

1. Public Information and Awareness / Increased Transparency;
2. Land Policy Laws and Implementing Regula­tions;
3. Support to a National Land Commission (NLC);
4. Land Administration (Cadastral, Registration and Land Titling System); and,
5. Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Processes for Competing Claims to Land.

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