27 March 2010

MP's oppose draft law on social communication

Diario Nacional, March 25, 2010 language source: Tetun - MPs in the Parliament disagreed with the draft law for social communication proposed by the Government because they believe that the law will kill the press freedom in the country.

MP Arsenio Bano from Fretilin has said that the bill presented by the Government will kill press freedom because it states that the journalists should get a licence and be accredited by the Government before becoming journalists.

“The Government’s task is to determine general principles for journalists based on the law of press freedom but the draft law of social communication presented by the Government has kill press freedom in the country,” Bano said.

Meanwhile, MP Getrudez Moniz from Democratic Party (PD) has also said that she disagreed with the law for the social communication by the Government because the draft law limits the journalists to express their opinions freely.

Getrudez said that journalism is a professional work therefore she said it is not necessary to get a licence from the government when someone wants to be a journalist.

“Journalism is a professional work and therefore the Government should not set criteria to those people want to be journalists,” Getrudez said.

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