27 March 2010

Handing over security responsibility to Baucau and Ainaro police postponed until April

Diario Nacional, March 25, 2010 language source: Tetun - The Timorese Police Commander Commissioner Longuinhos Monteiro has confirmed that the handover of security responsibilities from the United Nations Police to the National Police Force of Timor-Leste in Ainaro and Baukau Districts has been postponed until April next month.

“Actually the process of handing over security responsibility by the UN Police to Baucau and Ainaro districts will should take place on 17th of this month but it was postponed until April due to the recent death of UNMIT Deputy for Security Mr. Takahisa Kawakami,” Monteiro said.

Monteiro is optimistic that this time there will be no second postponement of the process of handing over responsibility to Baucau and Ainaro districts.

He added that in April there will be also hand over of security responsibility for the district of Ermera, hoping that by the end of June 2010 overall security responsibility in the country will be in the hands of the National Police.

According to Commissioner Monteiro, one of the reasons for pushing the security responsibility hand over is that UN Police is not responsive enough to the security situation in the country, including its high incidence of traffic accident.

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