27 March 2010

National security law guarantees PNTL and F-FDTL to respond incident

Diario Nacional, March 26, 2010 language source: Tetun - The Parliamentary President Fernando Lasama de Araujo has said that Timorese Parliament has recently approved the law for national security and defence, which guarantees the Timorese National Police and Army to respond any incident that might appear in the future.

Lasama made that comment after he met with the President Jose Ramos Horta to inform him about law for security and defence been approved by the Parliament.

“I meet with President Horta to inform him about the national law for security and defence that was recently approved by the Parliament as well as the activities conducted by the Parliament so far,” Lasama said.

Lasama added that the Parliament had approved three daft law for the defence and security and those draft laws will be presented to the President Horta to promulgate them.

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