27 March 2010

It is important not to hamper the court decision

Timor Post, March 25, 2010 language source: Tetun - Alarico M. Tilman, Dean of the Law Faculty of the National University (UNTL), has said that it is normal to make appeals to the court, but the most important thing is that the appeal made should not hamper the decision of the court as it was made based on the law.

“It is normal everywhere to agree or disagree with the decision made by the court and it is possible to make appeal when there is something wrong with the decision,” Tilman said.

Tilman made the comment in relation to the appeal by the lawyers for Frederico Oan Kiak Florindo and Alberto da Costa Belo to the court of appeal, because they [the lawyers] dissatisfied with the recent decision made by the court to sentence their clients to be imprisoned for eight and six years respectively.

Tilman added that Timor-Leste has adopted the semi presidential system and therefore the four state bodies should not put their hands into decisions made by the court as what the court decided was based on the Law.

Meanwhile the Timorese Judicial System Monitoring Program (JSMP) Director Luis Oliveira has considered the recent statement made by the MP Cornelio L-7 Gama will not affect the court decision as it was a political statement only.

L-7 has recently said that they will not let their fellow ex guerillas fighter to be locked up behind the bars.

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