24 March 2010

Ex-guerillas who saved TL during the 2006 crisis should be appreciated: MP Florindo

Timor Post 23/03/2010 language source: Tetun - MP Osorio Florindo from Fretilin said yesterday that it is important to value former guerilla fighters who had voluntarily contributed and risked their lives to save the country during 2006 crises.

MP Florindo made the comment regarding to recent statement from some MPs questioning the payment to Frederico Oan Kiak Florindo and Alberto da Costa Belo which totals US$ 1,600 by the Government.

“They are eligible to get the subsidy from the Government,” Florindo said.

MP Florindo added that many people have got secure job this time criticized a lot of things but never realize that country got its independence because of former guerillas’ contribution during 24-year fight for liberation.

Meanwhile, MP Cornelio L-7 Gama from UNDERTIM has said that there should be a balance when it is about 2006 crisis case and it is important to know why the crisis happened.

Gama added that they will never let their fellows be locked up in the prison since there are no corroborating evidences to put them behind bars.

“We will not let our fellows to be imprisoned because they are innocent,” Gama said.

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