22 March 2010

Government lied to the Parliament about the 20-20 Force

Timor Post March 16, 2010 language source: Tetun - MP Fernanda Borges of the National Unity Party (PUN) declared that the Government, through Secretary of State for Defence, had lied to the National Parliament when he said that the F-FDTL unit called the 20-20 force does not exist.

“The Secretary of State for Security said that Force 20-20 does not exist but the Dili District Court records that it does exist,” said Ms. Borges.

She also said that in December 2009, both Ki’ak and Alberto were on a payroll list to get paid US$ 1,600 because they were members of the 20-20 force.

“In December 2009, Ki’ak and Alberto were paid US$1,600 because they are members of the 20-20 force, so the Secretary of State for Defence had lied to us,” she said.

Ms. Borges, who is also the President of Committee A for Law, Constitutional Affairs and Public Administration, questioned the legality of the existence of the unit as well as payments to its members.

The president of Committee B on Foreign Affairs, National Security and Defence Duarte Nunes MP said that force 20-20 does not exist but what actually exists is the 2020 Defence Plan.

Both Ki’ak and Alberto were veterans and were armed in 2006 to help restore law and public order in the country.

MP Cornelio Gama ‘L-7’ from UNDERTIM (National Democratic Union of Timorese Former Resistance) said that the veterans of the resistance are frustrated with the current situation.

He asked the court to be judicious in its decisions otherwise there would be more problems facing the country.

“Since the tribunal has touched the issue, it has to be judicious otherwise there will be a huge problem facing the country,” said L-7.

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