27 March 2010

PM Gusmao holds Defence Superior Council meeting with President Horta

Timor Post, March 25, 2010 language source: Tetun - Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao has met with President Jose Ramos Horta to inform the president about the real situation in the country.

“We hold a meeting with the president to inform him about situation in Bobonaro and Kovalima districts and that they had recovered after the Timorese National Police and Army held a joint operation. The Government has provided jobs to those people detained during the operation,” PM Gusmao said.

PM Gusmão said that President Jose Ramos Horta in the meeting had expressed his concern about three issues faced by the country such as the country’s security situation, rank promotion for the National Police and the recent spotlight of international media on the statements of the head of state on an international tribunal.

PM Gusmao added that President Horta informed him that some PNTL officers had made claims to the president about the rank promotion saying that the rank promotion test was unfair.

In response to this case, PM Gusmao called for the PNTL officers who did not pass the test not to be disappointed because they still have another chance to attend the test.

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