25 March 2010

Deputy PM Guterres: Government will continue supporting press freedom

Timor Post, March 24, 2010 language source: Tetun - Deputy Prime Minister for Social Issues, Jose Luis Guterres, has said that the Parliamentary Majority Alliance (AMP) Government would continue supporting press freedom in the country.

Deputy PM Guterres made the comment as the Council of Ministers discusses a resolution for social communication today.

He also called on the journalists to be optimistic that the Government will continue supporting them, although he [Guetrres] had not read the resolution.

“You the journalisst should be optimistic that press freedom will not end in the country as the Government will continue supporting the journalists to get access press freedom in Timor-Leste,” Deputy PM Guterres said.

Deputy PM Guterres also said that it was important to support the journalists to cover the news freely as it helped the Government to appear transparent and combat corruption.

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