10 March 2010

Parliament to legislate law on pardoning criminal convicts: Borges

Timor Post, March 9, 2010 language source: Tetun -  The Parliamentary Committee A for Law and Constitution President Fernanda Borges has said that to pardon a criminal is a serious issue facing the country and therefore the Parliament should create law about it.

“Pardons are a serious issues faced by the country, therefore it is important to the Parliament to create a law to respond to this issue,” Mrs. Borges said.

She said that the law planned to be created will help the president when he grants pardons to those who been sentenced by the court.

Mrs. Borges considered that pardons given by the President Jose Ramos Horta to the former internal minister Rogerio Lobato, the ex-militia commander Maternus Bare, Railos and Joni Marques had weakened the country’s judicial system; therefore she stressed that such pardons should not be repeated in the future.

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