10 March 2010

MPs still ‘battled’ over PNTL-F-FDTL joint operation

Televizaun Timor-Leste March 9, 2010 language source: Tetun -  A Parliamentary fact-finding team ‘battled’ over their week-end district visit and findings in relation to the joint PNTL – F-FDTL operation in the districts of Bobonaro and Kovalima.

MP Antoninho Bianco of Fretilin said that the issue of ninjas was just an unfounded rumor and therefore it is now time to end the so-called operation against Ninjas.

 “There was issue of ninja however up to date not a single ninja person is arrested, only those who were affiliated with CPD-RDTL and Bua Malus,” said Mr. Bianco.

“The operation has to be ended now as many former members of CPD-RDTL and Bua Malus had declared abandoning their membership with the groups,” he added.

Meanwhile MP Vital dos Santos from PD said that local population felt apprehensive with the issue of ninja with their notorious activities but with the joint operation the situation had turned to normal.

“The population was afraid of going to their farms because of rumors of ninjas,” said Mr. dos Santos.

He also added that whether there were ninjas or not, it depends on the investigations carried out by the police.

Around eight people are now detained over allegations of homicide and sexual assaults.

In order to quell sharp differing public opinion over the joint operation, the National Parliament recently established a fact-finding team whose members are from both Committee A and B of the National Parliament.

The team visited four areas in the districts of Bobonaro and Kovalima were the joint operation is being carried out.

The team will present its findings to the National Parliament this week.

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