10 March 2010

Salsinha’s group are imprisoned because of other people's fault: Tara

Timor Post, March 5, 2010 language source: Tetun - The Social Democratic Party (PSD) MP, Auguto “Tara”, has said that Gastão Salsinha and his followers are imprisoned because of other people fault.

Mr. Tara said that he respects decision made by the court to sentence the ex-rebel leader Alfredo Reinado’s followers, but he said it is not because of their [rebels] fault.

Mr. Tara added that the ex rebels of Reinado and Salsinha came down to Dili because of someone support and guaranteed them to come down.

He also said that it seems that the law only apply to the common people following there are many actor of the 2006 crisis are free now.

Meanwhile, Fretilin MP, Inacio Moreira, has said that the court has power to made decision on this case, but he said that the most important thing is the judicial system in the country should be improved.

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