10 March 2010

Ombudsman to monitor joint operation against Ninja

Diario Nacional   March 5, 2010   language source: Tetun -  Timorese Human Rights and Justice Ombudsman’s office had set up a team to monitor cases of human rights violation possibly committed during the joint operation of F-FDTL-PNTL against Ninja-like activities in the country.

In a press release, SilvĂ©rio Baptista Pinto, Vice-Ombudsman for Human Rights, said that the group’s monitoring would be focused on the measures taken against those who were alleged to be involved in Ninja activities and also what repercussion might happen to those who reported such activities to local authorities.

“The monitoring is more focused on the measures taken by authorities against those who were alleged to be involved in Ninja groups and how the community see those who reported the Ninja activities to the PDHJ,” said Pinto.

Part of the monitoring will be general feeling of the community on the joint operation to end Ninja’s activities.

PDHJ is mandated by the Constitution Article 27 to receive complaints from the society about human rights violation in order to prevent it to happen.

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