03 March 2010

Four people imprisoned due to mutilation and sexual offences in Timor-Leste

Suara Timor Lorosa’e, March 2, 2010 language source: Tetun - The spokesperson for the security force operation in hunting ninja gangs in the Bobonaro and Kovalima districts, Sub Inspector Calisto Gonzaga, has said that there were four people beenwho have been imprisoned after allegations of their involvement in the mutilation and sexual offences in the Bobonaro district.

“We locked up four people in prison, because we have strong evidence that they had killed a young woman in the Bobonaro Disttrict,” Mr. Gonzaga said.

Mr. Gonzaga added that there is a possibility to detain four other people as they are believed to bring grenades with them during the night when they conduct their activity to threaten people and steal their goods.

Mr. Gonzaga also confirmed that five hundred and thirty four of the Bua Malus and the ex-resistance organization (CDP-RDTL) followers have handed themselves to the operational commander.

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