12 December 2008

Australia - Hand woven Christmas gifts from Timor Leste

9 December 2008 - A selection of tais – intricate hand woven cloths that are an important part of East Timorese culture - are available for sale from Mercy Works Inc. in Sydney. These tais have been made by women from Fohorem, in the remote south-west of Timor Leste.

Sister Helen Nolen of the Ballarat East Congregation has been working in Fohorem since 2005 and she suggests the tais (pronounced ‘tie-sh’) would make wonderful gifts – as wraps, scarves, cloths for prayer spaces, wall hangings, chair decorators etc.

By purchasing these beautiful textiles you will also be supporting women from Fohorem.

The smaller tais are correctly called selendangs and measure approximately 50cm in width and 150cm in length. Sale price: $30.

The larger tais are correctly called tais mane and measure approximately 110cm wide and 150cm long. Sale price: $60.

If you are interested in purchasing the tais, please contact Bridie Rothwell or Rosie Carroll RSM at Mercy Works Inc. ASAP. Phone: (02) 9564 1911 or Email: mercyworks@mercy.org.au

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