10 December 2008

Broadcast of ''Children of a Nation''

"Children of a Nation", a documentary directed and co-produced by New Plymouth acupuncturist and Giving Voice film maker Peter Marra, is to be shown on television. Airing on the Sky Documentary Channel (channel 74) on Wednesday, 10th December at 5:30pm. This first television broadcast is in the lead-up to the International Human Rights Day.

Filmed on location amid the anarchy and chaos of Dili, East Timor in 2006, the film chronicles the descent into lethal gang fighting and widespread arson that turned more than 130,000 East Timorese into refugees in their own country.

The film opens in 2005 in a peaceful East Timor with the hope of five-year-old Tercia’s first day at school. But the outlook is ominous and soon after film maker Marra returns to New Zealand, violence erupts in Dili. When the International Red Cross can find no trace of Tercia or her family, Marra returns to Dili to discover the city is in chaos. Tercia’s neighbourhood has become a gang battlefield, the family home has been destroyed by fire and the family has disappeared. The film follows Marra's search for Tercia and intersects with New Zealander Anne Fisher, a volunteer who trains teachers with Sister Aurora Pires to nurture their trauma affected students with the intention of breaking the dooming cycle of violence.

Children of a Nation is a collaboration between Peter Marra [Giving Voice ]and filmmakers of the Centro Audio Visual Max Stahl Timor Leste.

DVD's of Children of a Nation [including teachers resource kits] are distributed by VEA www.vea .com.au


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