18 December 2008

Finance Director of East Timor Electricity almost handcuffed by UNPol

Suara Timor Lorosae 15/12/2008 DILI – The Director of Finance of the East Timor Electricity agency (EDTL) was almost handcuffed by the United Nations police (UNPol) because he struck a fellow employee for no clear reason. Lukas was surprised when 3 UNPol members came to his office on Monday (15/12).

Even so, Lukas stubbornly refused to be taken to the police station on the grounds that the police came without an arrest warrant.

According to Lukas, UNPol attended following a report by the Director-General of EDTL. “The Director-General has no authority to call the police because this is not an office problem but is a private problem. The event happened last week” he said.
On that basis, UNPol can not act against Lukas. In the end, Lukas left the EDTL office in his private motor vehicle – to where is not known.

An EDTL employee expressed deep regret because his manager (Lukas) did not give a good example to his officers. “This makes us embarrassed because our manager is not able to resolve the problem peacefully (through family means). It would be better if the problem was resolved peacefully rather than being made worse” he said. bre Original Indonesian text at: http://www.suaratimorlorosae.com/details.php?id=96&now=2008-12-16 Translation by Warren Wright (some parts in Tetum omitted)

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So much for the rule of law in Timor-Leste!