11 December 2008

East Timor State Budget 2009

RDTL State Budget for 2009 9 December 2008 Lao Hamutuk - On 24 November 2008, the RDTL Council of Ministers approved the General State Budget for 2009, which will be submitted to Parliament. The total receipts from all sources are $1,344 million.

Expenditures from the State Budget total $681 million. Most of that will be paid with $589 million taken from the Petroleum Fund: $408 million newly Estimated as the Sustainable Income, plus $181 million more.

Some summary tables from the budget are reproduced lower down on this page. Drafts of the entire 500-page Budget Book 1 can be downloaded as 4 MB English and Portuguese PDF files. More recent drafts may be available on the Ministry of Finance website at http://www.mof.gov.tl/en/budget/2009.htm.

Part 6 (revenues), which describes how the Petroleum Fund is to be used, has been posted here, with annotations by La'o Hamutuk.

On 2 December, Parliament Commission C provided the following schedule for hearings and reports on the budget: Read more...

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