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Kepolisian Indonesia menahan delapan dari kematian mahasiswa Timor Leste di Jogjakarta

Polisi Indonesia telah menangkap delapan orang yang dicurigai melakukan pembunuhan terhadap seorang pelajar Timor Leste, Joao Bosco di Pro...

31 December 2008

Petition to the United Nations regarding 1999 crimes in East Timor

ETLJB 31 December 2008 - East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin advocates for the activation of the international judicial processes to prosecute crimes against humanity and human rights abuses committed in East Timor in 1999. As a contribution to global civil society's just demands for an international criminal tribunal to try perpetrators, ETLJB is urging our readers to sign the petition to the United Nations Secretary-General to exercise his authority in support of such a tribunal. Go to The Petition for the Prosecution of Crimes Against Humanity in East Timor.

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