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19 December 2008

East Timor Legal News 19 December 2008

PM Xanana Gusmao calls on residents to report cases to police Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 19 December 2008 - Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao has called on all residents to present their cases to the security forces, such as the police, calling for assistance instead of fighting.

Horta pro corruption: Fretilin
Timor Post 19 December 2008 - The Fretilin bench in the Parliament has accused President Jose Ramos Horta of defending corruption found in the Parliamentary Majority Alliance (AMP) Government.

Violent action stays high in Ermera: Xanana Gusmao Timor Post 19 December 2008 - Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao said starting from November 11 until December 16, 2008 acts of violence remained high in the western district of Ermera compated to other districts within the country.

About 222 IDP families return homes Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 19 December 2008 - About 222 families of the internally displaced people (IDPs) that were living in the IDP camps at the Motael Church have decided to return home after spending about two years in the camps.

Security situation gradually returns to normal Suara Timor Lorosae 19 December 2008 - The trilateral meeting between the Timorese Government, the UN police and the International Stabilization Force (ISF) has indicated that the security situation in Timor-Leste has gradually returned to normal with the number violent actions has been reduced.

Prosecutor summons Tempo Semanal newspaper Suara Timor Lorosae 19 December 2008 - The Public prosecution has summoned the Tempo Semanal newspaper last Friday (12/12) to respond in court over an allegation corruption which involved the minister for justice.

Govt purchases communicating radios for PNTL Timor Post 19 December 2008 - The Government through the State Secretary of security in cooperation with the Procurement Department have made a contract for a certain company to purchase communicating radios for the Timorese National Police (PNTL).

Police calls on residents to keep maintaining stability Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 19 December 2008 - Timorese Operational Police Commander, Inspector Mateus Fernandes, has called on residents in the Capital Dili to keep maintaining peace and stability during the celebration of the Christmas and New Year Eve.

Image: The heavy hands of the East Timor police (PNTL).

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