17 December 2008

Coro Loro Sa'e choir concert Australia

Choir members of Coro Loro Sa'e have begun to arrive from East Timor, Portugal and interstate Australia for the concert on December 26th. The conductor, Maestro Cornélio Cruz, wiil arrive on Thursday, 18th December. Click here to read and download the brochure.


Remembering Coro Loro Sa’e

In 1975 most of the East Timorese who had escaped to West Timor went to Portugal. Although cold, muddy and wet, with poor sanitation, there were no complaints of hunger or cold or sickness but instead a bond of friendship emerged, especially among the young ones.

Maestro Cornélio Vianey da Cruz gathered a group of young people to join some seminarians and together we formed a choir known as Coro Loro Sa’e (Sunrise Choir). About forty young people, aged 8 to 15 years, met three to four times a week to rehearse in Maestro Cornélio’s tiny dwelling. Soon after Coro Loro Sa’e became known among the Portuguese community, invitations started to pour in, seeking the choir’s performances. Coro Loro Sa’e travelled throughout Portugal to perform, expressing our Timorese culture, our identity, and to some extent our struggle. In 1977, we made a recording, sponsored by the Red Cross.

To most of us, the choir was a significant part of our childhood lives. It helped us to overcome the upheaval that took us from our home, East Timor. It helped us to overcome our fear and gave us laughter and contentment. But most of all, Coro Loro Sa’e became the family that most of us were forced to leave behind in our beloved East Timor.

Over the years members left the choir one by one, as the need to migrate to Australia became a vital part of each one’s life.

Today, many are settled throughout Australia, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth. Some still reside in Portugal and some have returned to East Timor.

Thirty years after the foundation of Coro Loro Sa’e, a reunion of its original members, including Maestro Cornélio, will be held in December 2008 to once again relive the memories of our childhood in the choir.

Programme Christmas Mass

December 24 2008 9:00 pm

St Elias’ Church
Cnr Elizabeth Drive and Maxwells Avenue,
Ashcroft NSW

Reunion Concert

December 26

All Saints’ Church, George St, Liverpool NSW
3:00-5:00 pm Display of Memorabilia
Powerpoint Presentation

5:30-8:30 pm Welcoming Tebe (Lemorai)
(Refreshments available)

8:30 pm ‘til late Dinner and Party
Reggae Temptation
New Pop Orchestra

Tickets for Concert, Dinner and Party

8-15 years..........$15
15 years and over..........$25

Soccer Match

December 27
from 9:30 am Bamfield Park
Cnr Elizabeth Drive and Maxwells Avenue,
Ashcroft NSW

Support from this Reunion will go to:
*the Mary MacKillop Music School “Hadahur”
and Literacy Program
*St Elias’ Church, Ashcroft
*Arte Moris, Dili

For more information please contact:Sydney: Luisa C. Marques 0403 123 436 Jacinto Sousa 0425 309 112
Melbourne: Alzira P. Mousaco 0448 614 129
Darwin: Libânia Borges 08 8927 2758
Brisbane: Edith Cruz 07 3375 3464
Perth: Maria (São) Madeira 08 9437 4587
Portugal: Angêlo Ximenes +35 121 964 924 990
East Timor: Zacarias da Costa

or write to 12 Othello Ave, Rosemeadow 2560 or email luisa@mmiets.org.au

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