17 December 2008

Job - Technical Specialist (Budget Oversight) to East Timor National Parliament

Location : Dili, Timor Leste
Application Deadline :29-Dec-08
Additional CategoryDemocratic Governance
Type of Contract :ALD International
Post Level :ALD-3

Languages Required : English Portuguese

Starting Date : date when the selected canditate is expected to start)01-Feb-2009
Duration of Initial Contract :1 year extendable

The Budget Oversight Specialist will be deployed under the Parliament Project. The Specialist will work primarily with the parliamentary finance committee providing technical support in the budget oversight (substantial and procedural advise and support) related work of the other committees of the National Parliament. The Specialist will report to UNDP and will work in coordination and collaboration with other Technical Advisers. The Specialist will have to provide substantive advise including amendment/drafting of legislation, revise and/or develop legislative processes and procedures that enhance budgetary processes and deliberations.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Ensures implementation of budgetary oversight strategies focusing on achievement of the following results:

* Parliamentary Committees processes and procedures for the conduction of the national budget approval and oversight processes including international best practices adaptable to Timor Leste.
* Adequate internal rules to improve financial oversight functions conducted by parliament and committees.
* Development of control of budget execution activities and support for standing committees in the planning/conduction of oversight activities.
* Systematization of current oversight legislation and proposal of new legislation that facilitates the investigation activity of parliament.

2. Provision of top quality policy advisory services to the Standing Committees of National Parliament with focus on achieving the following results:

* Parliamentary Committees are supported in the areas of public finance; budget preparation, analysis and review; budgetary oversight and expenditure monitoring; and assessment of budgetary and financial impact of Government’s policies and new legislation adopted.
* In collaboration with Secretariat staff, advise is provided through analysis reports on: (i) the combined sources budget; (ii) quarterly and final budget execution reports and audit reports; and (iii) quarterly reporting matrices from the annual action plans submitted by the different ministries, secretaries of state, and other institutions, (iv) committee reports on state budget.
* In collaboration with budget analysis team, Members of Parliament contribution to the poverty reduction (including pro-poor policies), gender equality and economic growth goals of the Government in the context of the National Development Plan and Millennium Development Goals is enhanced.
* Substantial advice includes best international/legislative practices adaptable to Timor Leste.

3. Facilitation of capacity building and knowledge sharing with focus on achieving the following results:

* Assist, as required, the Senior Budget Expert/Trainer with design and implementation of training programs and modules for Secretariat staff in the areas of budget oversight.
* Capacity building and training activities target: systems and processes; skills and knowledge and, attitudes and behaviors.
* National Budget Analysts and Interns are supported in close coordination with the Senior Budget Expert/Trainer.


* Experience working in developing and post-conflict country environment highly desirable;
* Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills and ability to motivate people; \
* Experience in staff development preferably in a developing country environment;
* Good understanding of the organization and functioning of legislative institutions as well as of good governance matters;
* Cross-cultural management experience and sensitivity;
* Ability to work effectively under pressure and in a highly political environment;
* Demonstrated ability to work in a team;
* Demonstrated ability to prepare clear and rigorous legal briefs, technical opinions and a variety of budgetary and financial documents in an easy-to-read format;
* Successful completion of an intensive Tetum course within the first month of assignment is mandatory to continue holding the position.

Required Skills and Experience

* Master’s degree in economics, finance or related field or equivalent.
* Minimum five years of relevant experience: either parliamentary experience in national budget analysis and advice; or governmental or civil service experience in national budget preparation, execution and monitoring, or other clearly relevant activities which demonstrate a deep understanding of the composition, cycle and oversight of national budgets.
* Fluent in Portuguese and English both spoken and written; Bahasa Indonesian and/or Tetum are desirable, preparedness to learn Tetum is essential.

Apply here - http://jobs.undp.org/cj_apply.cfm?job_id=7829

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