28 December 2008

A survivor's account of the 1999 Liquica Church Massacre

ETLJB 28 December 2008 Excerpts from Chega! - Initially Mobile Brigade police came to the church as if to rescue the people. In fact, Brimob were the ones who started the shooting. Around 1.00pm, the Besi Merah militia along with the police and the military attacked the church. They fired shots into the air to give the signal to the militia to enter the church, and then they started shooting the people. Wearing masks that covered their faces the militia and the military then attacked with axes, swords, knives, bombs and guns. The police shot my older brother, Felix, and the militia slashed up my cousins, Domingos, Emilio, and an eight-month old baby. Read the full account...

From Chega! http://www.cavr-timorleste.org/chegaFiles/finalReportEng/07.2-Unlawful-Killings-and-Enforced-Disappearances.pdf

East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin advocates for the activation of the international judicial criminal process in relation to the crimes against humanity and human rights violations that were perpretated in East Timor in 1999. You can contibute by signing the petition to the United Nations.

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