05 December 2008

Web site of the East Timor Secretary of State for Culture

DILI 04/12/2008 - Web site of the East Timor Secretary of State for Culture: - As previously announced earlier this year, the web site of the Secretary of State for Culture RDTL will soon be a reality. We are now in the final stages of the layout design and content introduction.

The site will be published in both Tetun, Portuguese and English. Depending on where you are in the world, you will be able to access directly one of these languages (e.g. Tetun in TL, Portuguese in Portugal, and English in Australia). You can, however, browse through every page of the site in any language, from any part of the world.

Amongst other things, this web site will have an area dedicated to all sorts of records on TL, from written ones to images, and from audio to audiovisual records. We are currently in the process of negotiating with different institutions to obtain such records, specially those from previous Portuguese colonial times that are hardly accessible (e.g. all the old bulletins of Agência Geral das Colónias and even whole publications on TL).

As I previously pointed out, I believe that the site - and, by definition, all of us who will be using it - would gain if every researcher across the world would contribute with published papers and book chapters, *pdf versions of masters and PhD thesis, and any sort of record you think might be useful sharing with the wider community of people interested in TL - in particular all Timorese who access the web but find it hard to obtain information on their country, either old or new, but specially free of charge!

Please find attached a *jpeg image of a simplified version (still work in progress) of what the publication page will look like. The idea is still being developed but in principle records will be separated by categories (written, image, audio, audiovisual) and sub-categories (e.g. thesis, book chapters, papers, etc.). In some cases, they will be organised by institution or have direct links to institutional databases (e.g. whole publication record on TL from the National Museum of Ethnology, in Lisbon). In any case, there will be a search mode to find titles and records by institution, author, year, etc.

At this stage, the best way is to forward any *pdf or other sort of record you would like to see uploaded directly to my email account. We have set up a team which includes the web master, four colleagues from the National Directorate of Culture (who are having training on how to update and manage the site), and myself. In the near future, this team will be completely autonomous and you will be able to send any information you want to see published to a general email account on the web site.

We truly hope this is the first step in what we consider might become an important hub for accessing information on TL.

Kind regards,

Nuno Vasco Oliveira

Assessor/Adviser Secretaria de Estado da Cultura
Ministério da Educação, Rua de Vila Verde, Dili
República Democrática de Timor-Leste
T: + 670 333 9647
M: + 670 736 9666

Email: nuno.oliveira@anu.edu.au


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Esperamos a versão em português e tétum :/