27 April 2010

Amending the Petroleum Law needs the support of the people

Timor Post, April 26, 2010 language source: Tetun - Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao has said that the Government needs as much as US$10 Billion to implement its new strategic development plan therefore he called on all people to support his proposal to amend the present law on the petroleum fund.

PM Gusmao said that the Government was not capable of improving the living conditions of the poeple as it was difficult to spend or take much money from the Petroleum Fun d because it was allowed that the Government can spend 3% of the petroleum fund only.

PM Gusmão added that it was not enough for the government to spend US$430.00 million to develop this country.

“Residents of this village have demanded that they need clean water, electricity, good roads and irrigation, but the Government can not do such things with little money,” PM Gusmão said.

He added that he will burn up his document of PDN if the people of 56 sub-districts disagree with the Government to amend Law for Petroleum Fund to spend more money to develop this country.

“If you all say that we do not want to amend this law of Petroleum Fund. It is better to keep it for future generations then I will burn up this PDN (National Development Plan), but if you agree to amend this law then the Government will do it,” PM Gusmao said.

Meanwhile, Jose Asaloy, a local resident has said that it is impossible for the Government to manage big amounts of money because in reality the Government was incapable to managing even small amounts money.

“The Government is incapable to manage small amount of money and it will be worst if the money is increased.

According to local resident of Tutuala, Iliomar Lospalos, Lautem and Luro sub-districts, the PDN of the Government was good and they hoped that the Government will really implement this PDN to develop the country.

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