17 April 2010

Zaetta, Blaze campaign gives bounce to Timor fans

GoldCoast Daniel Meers April 15th, 2010 - EAST Timor looks certain to become an unlikely supporter base for the Gold Coast Blaze through the work of actress Tania Zaetta and the basketball club's captain James Harvey.

About 50 bright Blaze basketballs will soon be off to our struggling northern neighbours as part of Zaetta's charity which assists children in war-torn countries.

The club donated the basketballs this week. They will be handed out to the sport-loving kids over there.

Blaze skipper James Harvey admitted he would get a kick out of seeing kids bouncing the team's basketballs in another country.

"It's good to be able to help out the kids,'' he said. "Maybe one day we could get a program going between us and them.''

Zaetta started her charity after a visit to Afghanistan where she saw the torment the innocent victims of war went through.

"It tears your heart up to see what some of these children go through,'' she said. "I think we should do anything we can to make their lives a little better.''


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