25 April 2010

Moral consciousness of all people are needed to reduce prostitution

Timor Post, April 16, 2010 language source: Tetun  Father Pankratius Rehi Kandelu C, MF, has said that moral consciousness of all people is really needed to reduce prostitution number in the country.

Fr. Kandelu made the comment regarding the prostitution number in the country is staying in high in which those prostitutes were coming from Indonesia, China, Thailand and other countries, and therefore he called on the competent part like Immigration Police to respond to this case immediately, otherwise this immoral attitude will affect the Timorese young women.

“The Government through the Immigration Police should identify the objective of the foreigners visit as it is part of reducing prostitution number in the country,” Priest Kandelu said.

He also called on the Government to create field work to the youths, formal training, adding that it is important for the parents to better parenting their children in order to stay away from this immoral attitude.

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