17 April 2010

TLGov: Government gives attention to companies

The Government gives attention to companies Thu. April 14, 02:13h - According to the IV Constitutional Government Structure, it is the Minister of Tourism, Commerce and Industry’s competency to register national and international companies. The Government gives priority to these companies, which are as partners in the implementation and management of the public finances administered by the Government, through the construction and renovation of public projects.

The National Director for Commerce and Industry, Fernando da Silva, referred that 1.399 national and international companies were registered, by the DNCD, up to February of the current year. From these, 1338 are national companies and 61 are foreign. In the year 2009, 4251 companies (3181 nationals and 1070 foreigner) were registered.

“It is possible that, until the end of 2010, the national companies will become more than those registered in 2009. Just with current data until February, the number of national companies is already above that of the number registered in equal periods in the past few years.”

The IV Constitutional Government Policy, which intends to give priority to small companies and registered commercial societies, has incited an increase in the volume of registries, since national companies had the opportunity to participate in the Referendum Package Project tender, in 2009.

In regards to micro company registry, Fernando da Silva commented that, up to February 2010, the number companies increased to 734 in all 13 Districts. In 2009, 1262 companies registered and “in this same year of 2009, the increase was superior to 2008, which registered a total of 849 companies at the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry”.

At MTCI and until February 2010, companies that employ workers also registered a total of 3391, data supplied by the filling out of the forms at the Ministry. Of these, 3320 are national workers and 71 are foreign workers, already registered in the DNCD.

The Government, through its inter-ministerial services, performs a quality service to the private sector and the general public, for the good of Timor-Leste’s development.

For more information, please contact Sr. Fernando da Silva, National Director for Domestic Commerce (DNDC), through the number 7236350 or commersiu.domestic@gmail.com.

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