10 April 2010

TL Ambassador to Cuba: “We trust PM Xanana”

Diario Nacional April 9, 2010 language source: Tetun - Timor-Leste’s ambassador to Cuba Egidio de Jesus has said that Timor-Leste’s ambassadors from foreign countries have their trust in Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao and therefore once they got the invitation from Prime Minister to attend the Dili International Dialogue they directly made themselves available for the event.

Ambassador de Jesus also said that he had internal problems with the Minister of Foreign Affairs but he did not know whether there are misunderstanding between Minister Da Costa and Prime Minister Gusmao regarding his presence at the Timor-Leste’s Development Partners’ Meeting.

Prime Minister Gusmao invited every ambassador outside to attend the meeting but Minister Da Costa did not agree with the decision of his boss.

Ambassador Justino Guterres also said that he came to attend the meeting because he was invited by Prime Minister Gusmao but once he informed his intention to come, there was no response from Minister Da Costa.

“It is clear that I am here because I was invited by Prime Minister, and I told my Minister that I was going to Dili but my Minister did not say anything,” said Ambassador Guterres.

Minister Da Costa recently said that he did not tender his resignation to Prime Minister Gusmao as it was blown up in the media.

However, he said that he got a short message via mobile from an adviser of the Prime Minister to tender his resignation to the Prime Minister if he disagreed with him.

He said that it was pity that such exchange was made public to the media by the office of the Prime Minister because he had intention to privately talk with Prime Minister Gusmao on the issue.

According to the Constitution the appointment and dismissal of ambassadors and permanent representatives is under the competence of the President of the Republic. However, it is upon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to guide the works of ambassadors, permanent representatives and special envoys.

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