22 April 2010

JSMP considers Public Prosecution’s appeal to Court as the best way

Timor Post, April 15, 2010 language source: Tetun - The Timorese Judicial System Monitoring Program (JSMP) Director, Luis de Oliveira, has said that the appeal made by the Public Prosecution to the Appellate Court was the best way to test the Dili District Court’s decision on the case of the attempted assassination of President Jose Ramos Horta and Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao on February 11th, 2008.

Oliveira said that trial process for this case was not clear as the perpetrator who shot the ex-rebel leader Alfredo Reinado Alves and his man Leopoldinho Mendonca and the actor who shot President Horta were not yet to discovered or identified.

“Based on our observation the trial process was not conducted well as the perpetrators who shot Reinado and Mendonca including the one who shot president had not been discovered yet,” Oliveira said.

Oliveira added that JSMP totally disagreed with President Horta’s plan to give pardons to Salsinha and his men, because their case is still in the legal process and the court had decided to sentence them to be imprisoned for between 8 and 16 years.

“We totally disagree with the President’s initiative or plan to give pardons to Salsinha and his men because their cases are still in thelegal process,” Oliveira said.

The Public Prosecution has made an appeal to the Court of Appeals last March 18th with the number 79/C.Ord/TTD/2009.

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