24 April 2010

Police say many illegal weapons still in the community

Illegal weapons in Ermera District, Police Commissioner de Jesus says nothing Timor Post, April 22, 2010 language source: Tetun - Deputy Timorese Police Commissionrer Afonso de Jesus has said that he will not make any comment on the widespread information that there were illegal weaposn in Ermera District.

“I will not give my comment on illegal weapons. You can ask local residents yourselves so that they can provide you with clear information about it,” de Jesus said.

A National Police officer who refused to give his name has said that some weapons of the PNTL disappeared during the 2006 crisis and were not yet collected.

He added that the illegal weapons were not only in Ermera but in other districts as well.

“In my observation there are many illegal weapons still widespread in the country and this is because these weapon of the PNTL lost during the 2006 crisis have not been recollected yet,” the unnamed PNTL officer said.

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