18 April 2010

MPs call on PNTL to investigate Lospalos stoning of Japanese ambassador

Diario Nacional April 1, 2010 language source: Tetun - Members of Parliament have called on the National Police Force to thoroughly investigate the case of Lospalos in which the delegation of Japanese Ambassador to Timor-Leste was stoned during a screening of the animated film Doraemon last week.

“An investigation has to be done in order to know the motives of the stone throwing at the delegation of the ambassador,” said MP Inacio Moreira from Fretilin.

According to Moreira the act of stoning the delegation has further stained the image of Timor-Leste in the international community.

He also called on the people to contribute to peace and stability in the country so that every one, including foreign nationals, can enjoy their freedom of movement.

MP Paulo Martins from CNRT said that the stone throwing took place because the local PNTL failed to control the security situation.

“The incident showed that there is lack of control (of security by the PNTL) in the district,” he said.

The former PNTL commissioner turned politician also reminded that PNTL should locate foreigners within the territory in order to better provide security to them.

He urged the PNTL to investigate the case.

The delegation of Ambassador Kitahara was stoned during a screening of Doraemon in a local market in Lospalos on Saturday. The stone hit Mrs. Kitahara who was also present during the screening.

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