26 April 2010

Customs Department of Dili harbor confiscate electronic tools

Televizaun Timor-Leste, April 26, 2010 language source: tetun The Timorese Customs Department of Dili harbor has confiscated electronic tools imported by of Royal Electric because there was no legal document for those tools.

Those tools confiscated include  370 items such as hand phones, receivers, digital camera, video cameras and so forth that were imported from Surabaya in Indonesia and were hidden inside speakers.

Director General Receipt and Customs Department, Cancio de Oliveira, said that his department will process this case based on the customs law of Timor-Leste.

“Firstly I would like to thank the Customs Departments’ staffs who have make efforts to check imported goods and able to confiscate these illegal electronic tools. Those electronic tools are hidden inside speakers and they are found when my staffs conducted a physical check. The owner of these tools is Royal Electric Company. They should pay the fine based on the Timorese Custom’s laws,” de Oliveira said.

Besides that the Custom Department staffs also confiscate beer in a container imported by a Company from China last year due to no legal document of importation.

Meanwhile, Vice Minister of Finance and Planning, Rui Hanjan, has said that the Government will take strong action against those companies which had not fulfilled the criteria for importing goods into the country.

“We will make efforts to see this case as soon as possible because we do not want this case to be pended otherwise similar cases will continue happening in the country. And the Government will take strong action to regulate the importers who will import goods from other countries to Timor-Leste,” Vice Minister Hanjan said.

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