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17 April 2010

JSMP-HAK: Pardon granted to Salsinha and his men should based on law

Suara Timor Lorosa’e, April 13, 2010 language source: Tetun - The Timorese Judicial System and Monitoring Program (JSMP) Director, Luis de Oliveira, has said that the plan of President Jose Ramos Horta to give pardon to the ex-rebel leader Gastao Salsinha and his men should be based on the law and the list presented by the Justice Ministry.

Oliveira said that the President Horta can give pardon to prisoners whose name was registered on the list of the Justice Ministry, adding that President should not only use his competence but he should adhere with the existing rule.

“We urge President Horta to give pardon to the prisoners based on the rule and he should not use his power to give pardon recklessly,” Oliveira said.

Meanwhile, the Program Manager of the Timorese Human Right Association (HAK) for Strengthening Law, Rogerio Vicente Viegas, has said that the President Horta’s plan to give pardon to Salsinha and his men was seemed that president had put hand into the trial process in the court.

Although Viegas has considered President Horta had put hand into the trial process, but he agree with the president to give pardon to the prisoner based on the law.

“President planned to give pardon to prisoners should be based on the Law and the court decision,” Viegas said.

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