26 April 2010

Police confirm illegal groups in Ermera hold weapons

PNTL acknowledge illegal weapons in Ermera  Timor Post, April 26, 2010 language source: Tetun - Deputy Timorese Police Commissary Afonso de Jesus has said that the recent information about illegal weapon in Ermera district was true.

“You asked me about illegal weapon two days ago and I responded saying that I had no information about illegal weapons in Ermera, but now I have information from our officials in the area that this information is true and that some illegal group have weapon,” Commissary de Jesus said.

Commissary de Jesus also called on local residents of Ermera to cooperate with the local police officers and provide clear in formation about this case so the police can take necessary action to respond to this case soon.

“We ask for all people of Ermera to give the local police information concretely, so that the police can make a proper plan and strategy to respond to this case,” Commissary de Jesus said.

He added that the PNTL commando has deployed a special team of the national Police to the area to collect more clear information about this case, adding that he had no information about illegal weapon in the other twelve districts except Ermera.

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