17 April 2010

UNMIT: PNTL resumes primary policing responsibilities in Ainaro.

PNTL resumes primary policing responsibilities in Ainaro. Dili, 12 April 2010 - Today the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Timor-Leste (DSRSG) Finn Reske-Nielsen and Guilhermina Ribeiro, Director General of the Secretariat of State for Security presided over the ceremony marking the resumption of primary responsibilities for the conduct of police operations by Policia Nacional de Timor-Leste (PNTL) in the District of Ainaro, in the central highlands.

Ainaro is the fifth district in which the PNTL has resumed primary policing responsibility since the resumption process started in May 2009, when primary policing responsibility was transferred to the PNTL in the district of Lautem. This process continued in the districts of Oecussi in June and Manatuto in July, and with the transfer of responsibility for the administration and management of the Police Training Centre in September, and the Maritime Police Unit and the Police Intelligence Service in December. Also in December 2009 the district of Viqueque became the fourth district in which the PNTL resumed responsibilities.

The Government of Timor-Leste and UNMIT are jointly implementing the resumption process in a gradual manner – district by district, unit by unit. The decision for Ainaro PNTL to resume primary policing responsibilities was based on the result of a joint assessment on the preparedness of PNTL in the district, conducted by teams comprising representatives of the Government and UNMIT, including PNTL and UNPOL, applying mutually agreed criteria.

UN Police will maintain their presence in the districts where the PNTL have resumed responsibilities, in order to monitor, advise and support the PNTL, including in the area of human rights protection.

Ainaro District is located in the central highlands of the country with a population of 54 000 people. The town of Ainaro is located 78 km south of Dili, the national capital. The district’s main natural resource is organic coffee.

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