17 April 2010

Police detain a person in Manufahi for threatening a teacher

Radio Timor-Leste, April 12, 2010 language source: Tetun - Manufahi District Police have detained a person as he was accused of threatening a teacher at the Junior High School in Daisua village of Same sub-district, Manufahi.

Manufahi District Police Commander Sub-Inspector Marcos Sequeira has confirmed that the alleged person had threatened his wife who is a teacher because of family problem.

The threat was made by ZR andhad affected the examination process of the local students.

“ZR demonstrated his bad attitude when the examination was going on and therefore it has compromised the examination process but the local police responded immediately to stop it,” Sub-Inspector Sequeira said.

Sequeira added that the person is now detained in Manufahi Police’s detention center waiting for further legal process.

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