25 April 2010

AMP support President Horta to give pardon to Salsinha

Diario Nacionál, April 19, 2010 language source: Tetun - The politicians of the National Congress for the Timorese Reconstruction (CNRT) and those other parties leaders were in support with President Jose Ramos Horta to give pardon to ex-rebel leader Gastão Salsinha and his men except Fretilin leaders were in opposite and just provide their recommendation to the president. While the National Unity Party (PUN) leaders were absent because they consider that it was too early for president to intervene court decision about this case as it was still in the process.

MP Josefa Pereira from Fretilin, has said that President Horta held meeting with the all the politicians on Thursday and Friday afternoon in order to get some input from the politicians that can support him to grantee pardon to Salsinha and his men on May 20 this year.

“All the party’s secretary generals are invited to participate in the meeting held by President Horta except PUN’s leader. Politicians of AMP and the other parties are in support with the president’s plan, but Fretilin give its recommendation and said it is the president competence to do so,” MP Pereira said.

Preira also said that the AMP leader should declare to the public about their support to President Horta to give pardon to Salsinha and his men, otherwise people will consider pardon will given to Salsinha and his men was the initiative of the president himself.

Pereira said that pardon grantee to Salsinha and his men was part of ending up case of the attempted assassination case on President Horta and Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão on February 11th 2008, but she stressed that justice should be implemented well in the country.

MP Pereira said that there was no specific law that guarantees president to give pardon to Salsinha and his men, but she said this will done to secure development process in the country.

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