26 April 2010

PM Gusmao calls on KAK not to investigate free money “Uang rokok”

(ETLJB Editor Note: Uang rokok is an Indonesian term meaning "Cigarette money". Unfortunately, the laws of Indonesia were not the only thing the blood-thirsty Javanese imperialists left behind in Timor. Another of the legacies of the illegal and genocidal occupation is corruption in public adminstration. Uang rokok is, however small, still corruption. It has to be paid to even the lowliest public servants if you want anything done. Xanana should be using this as a simple example of corruption that should not be tolerated. He should also be discouraging smoking!)

Diario Nacionál, April 23, 2010 language source: Tetun -  Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao has called on the anti-corruption commission (KAK) not to investigate money for cigarettes or Uang rokok because the amount of such money is small but the KAK should focus on the Government’s National Development Plan as it is believed that corruption will appear in the implementation of the plan.

“It is not necessary to investigate for case of uang rokok because it is only about US$100.00 (ETLJB Note: US$1 is what must be meant here; which is the price of a packet of Indonesian cigarettes in Dili) and it is a small case, huge cases will appear in the implementation of the PDN and the Government will give space for KAK to hold investigations,” PM Gusmao said.

He also called on the KAK to make contact with international investigators to support KAK to investigate corruption cases in the PDN implementation.

PM Gusmao added that it was important to all the people to cooperate with KAK so that they can undertake their work optimally to eradicate corruption practices in the country.

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