18 April 2010

Call for review of East Timor judicial system

Radio Australia Call for review of East Timor judicial system Last Updated: Thu, 8 Apr 2010 13:09:00 +1000 - An East Timor born Australian woman found not guilty of attempting to assassinate the nation's president two years ago says East Timor needs to review its judicial system.

The prosecution is planning to appeal the court's not guilty verdict.

Angelita Pires last month was found not guilty by a panel of three judges of the attack on Jose Ramos Horta in February 2008.

More than 20 of her co accused were found guilty.

Ms Pires has told Radio Australia Today despite being found innocent, prosecutors in East Timor have decided to appeal against the court's verdict.

"A ludicrous appeal whereby nothing has changed," she said.

"There is still no evidence and just the very fact that the prosecution or in this case the government, because the prosecution acts on behalf of the government can appeal on a non guilty verdict, a finding of no innocence is completely unfair.

"It is a judicial system that needs to be reviewed and the right reforms put in place."

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