30 April 2010

Change in Visa on Arrival Law in Timor-Leste

The Embassy wishes to inform American citizens of a change in Timorese visa regulations.

Effective March 16, 2010, Americans seeking to enter Timor-Leste at a land border crossing must have received a visa in advance.

Visa on arrival at a land border crossing is no longer permitted for Americans and most other nationalities.

Americans needing a Timorese visa can attempt to access a list of Timorese diplomatic facilities on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website at www.mne.gov.tl. American citizens arriving at Dili airport, however, are still eligible to receive visas upon arrival.

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Ken Westmoreland said...

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wesbite does not work - the Timorese Embassy in Washington does have a site, with a list of missions